Christmas in 2021

Cozy with Christmas in Stockholm

Here you will find Christmas activities in Stockholm!

This year we hope that the Christmas celebration will be different than last year! We look forward to Christmas. This year, the aim is to have a Christmas market at Skansen. Considering covid-19, Christmas will still not be as usual, but we will see some light in the tunnel. We can hope that we get to see some skating and lots of other things. We updated gradually with the pandemic in mind.

Below you will find a selection of Christmas coziness in Stockholm. All dates for 2021 are updated gradually.

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Stockholm Christmas 2021

Stockholms jul

Last year Christmas started Nov 14 - #Stockholmsjul

Digital | Nov 14 nov 2020 - mid jan 2021
#Stockholmsjul inaugurated every year in mid-November and has lit until mid-January. Several places in Stockholm are lit up with beautiful Christmas lights. All lighting is in environmentally friendly material and energy-efficient LED technology. So warm welcome to a Stockholm in Christmas candle garb. Stockholm is lit until the twentieth day of Christmas (13 January), after which the candles are taken down.

Inaugurattion: The Christmas lights are usually lit up from the stage in Kungsträdgården. Last year the Christmas was completely digitally with conferences Tilde de Paula Eby and Carola Häggkvist.

More information about Stockholmsjul.
Christmas at Skansen 2021

Christmas at Skansen

Skansen opens up for Christmas market 2021

Skansen | - opens Nov 26 - Dec 19, 2021
This year, Skansen is investing in opening up its annual Christmas market. The Christmas market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Nov 26 November until Dec 19. As usual, we hope for cozy market stalls, where you can buy Christmas presents, sweets, food and crafts. You can cuddle with coffee, mulled wine, gingerbread, waffles etc. In addition to the market on Bollnästorget, Skansen keeps houses and farms open and shows contemporary Christmas celebrations. More info about Christmas at Skansen

Öpening hours: Nov 26 - De 16

Ice Rink in Kungstradgården Stockholm

Ice Rink at Kungsträdgården

In October week 44 usually the Ice rink in Vasaparken opens (depending on weather)

Kungsträdgården | oct V44 2021 - march 2022 (depending on weather)
Skate in Kungsträdgården. Open Oct from week 44 if the weather allows until the first week of March.

More information about ice rink at Kungsträdgården.
Ice Rink in Vasaparken Stockholm

Ice Rink Vasaparken

In Nov / Dec, the ice rink in Vasaparken opens

Vasaparken | nov/dec 2021 - march 2022
Skate in Vasaparken. Open in November to March the following year (weather permitting). Bring your own skates.

Lucia in Stockholm


Lucia in Stockholm

Differnt places | we'll see if there will be any lucia in the year 2021
Sweden's Lucia is a nice Swedish tradition. The Lucia celebration that we are used to today with Lucia train with bridesmaids, star boys, song and lollipops comes from the early 20th century. In the dark of December, Lucia comes and lights up the darkness.

Living Christmas Calender in Old Town

Old Town's Living Christmas Calendar

Arranged by Mäster Olofsgården since 2005.

Old Town | Dec 1 - 24, 2021
A nice tradition in the Old Town where from 1 to 24 December you open a door every day at 18.15. (On Christmas Eve, the 24th door opens at 11.30). To know where to open today's door, a banner is hung in a window that says "here the door opens". A fun way to discover the Old Town. The hatch openings begin with a fanfare and then a piece of music and a poem or story are performed. This year, of course, with adjustments to the current situation.
More about the Living Christmas Calender

NK decorating Sunday

NKs Christmas Window - Decorating Sunday

What will be the Christmas decoration in NK's shop window this year ?

NK | Decoration Sunday Nov 14, 2021?
What will be the theme this year? Always exciting to see what is hidden in the large shop windows outside NK. During decorationg Sunday, which may fall on November 14, 2021. We can only hope that Santa will visit the department store this year.

Address: Östra Hamngatan

NK, Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm
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Book Christmas Dining in Stockholm

Christmas dining cruises in Stockholm archipelago

We are waiting for times for 2021

Strömma | We are waiting for times for 2021 !
Classic Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner M / S Gustafsberg VII - Christmas table in several servings M / S Waxholm III - Christmas table buffet. You are served a classic Christmas table with meatballs, prince sausages, Christmas sausages, Jansson's temptation, Christmas candy, Christmas beer and clearly more goodies.

Book Old Town Walking Tour in Stockholm

Ghost Walk and Historical Tour

Do you want to follow in the footsteps of the ghost? Then join us on this exciting hike through haunted neighborhoods and dark back streets and basements. And you, do not forget to look back sometimes so we do not catch the ghosts. Listen to the exciting story that takes you back through the city's history filled with murder, evil deeds and a strong belief in the supernatural. Both adults and children can come along!

Seson: All year around
Time: approx 1.5 hours

Buy Tickets to Brunch Cruise in Stockholm

Brunch Cruise

Christmas cozy with brunch with Strömma

Strömma | dec 2021 (Dec 5 - Dec 31 2020)
Go by boat with brunch on board M / S Östanå. Christmas food is usually served around December 5 and until some days before Christmas Eve. The brunch that is served is accompanied by a touch of Christmas food. As usual, we can hope that goodies will be served such as bacon and Jansson's temptation, different kinds of herring, salmon, roast beef, chicken, pie and bread, etc. After the good food, the dessert table awaits, so do not forget to leave some space for these yummy pieces. When you eat, the archipelago passes beautifully outside the window..

Christmas markets in Stockholm

We wait times for 2021

Skansen: ( Nov 26 -- Dec 19, 2021)
This year, Skansen is investing in opening up its annual Christmas market. The Christmas market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from Nov 26 November until Dec 19. As usual, we hope for cozy market stalls, where you can buy Christmas presents, sweets, food and crafts. You can cuddle with coffee, mulled wine, gingerbread, waffles etc. In addition to the market on Bollnästorget, Skansen keeps houses and farms open and shows contemporary Christmas celebrations.!
Opened: Nov 26, 27,28 , Dec 3,4,5 , Dec 10,11,12, Dec 17,18,19 Address: Skansen, Djurgårdsvägen, Djurgården

Old Town (Stortorget): (wait for times 2021)
Christmas market on Stortorget in the Old Town has an old tradition. As early as 1523, Gustav Vasa decided that there would be a Christmas market on Stortorget, but then only with the sale of Swedish goods. After many trips over the years around the Christmas market here, it is once again a nice feature of Christmas Stockholm. Since 1961, the market has looked more or less the same, with elements of different goods for sale. Here you will find goodies, sausages, fish, mulled wine, gingerbread, hats, gloves, crafts, cheeses, spices, forging, jewelry, etc.
Open: Usuallay All days at 11-18, Address: Stortorget, Old Town

Royal Court Stables: (wait for times 2021)
Traditional Christmas market in the Royal Courthouse. During the Christmas market, there are exhibitors from all over the country who sell crafts of the finest quality, organic food, handicraft products and much more. In addition, stables, parade chambers and carriage halls are open throughout the weekend. Pony riding for the kids
Address: Hovstallet, Väpnargatan 1, intill Dramaten och Armémuseum

Drottningsholm Castle: (wait for times 2021)
The second weekend in Advent for two days you can visit the traditional Christmas market on Drottningholm. From several different craftsmen, you can buy several different products such as candles, textiles and much much more. Of course you can also buy desert, mustard, fish, mulled wine.
Address: Drottningholm, Slottsgården, Ekerövägen

Stockholm's largest Christmas market: (wait for times 2021)
The Christmas market has been a standing feature since 2006. 250 meters of exhibitors and lots of activities for the children. Here, traditional crafts are mixed with new crafts. Everything from forging and sheepskin to ceramics and knife craft.
Address: Stora Säbyvägen 1

Christmas Market Vaxholm: (wait for times 2021)
Visit the Lions Christmas Market on Vaxholm. Here you can find Christmas presents from the various market stalls. And of course Santa will come too.
Address: Rådhustorget, Vaxholm

Christmas Market at Långholmen: (wait for times 2021)
Selected exhibitors, many of them from the local area, show off their beautiful and interesting crafts and products. Buy interior details, utensils, Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, flower arrangements, jewelry, clothes, accessories, goodies and more. Go on a guided tour, compete, visit the playground, go on a tip walk, meet Långholmen's Santa, visit the museum and more. Enjoy something good in the Christmas market café.
Address: Gamla Fängelset, Långholmsmuren 20, Långholmen

Schysst Christmas: (wait for times 2021)
Merry Christmas is the Christmas market that offers more than fair trade and organic products. By buying your Christmas presents here, you support organizations and companies that work with human rights and environmental issues. Merry Christmas is a gathering place for you who want to do more and support those who work every day to make the world fairer.
Address: Sveavägen 41, Stockholm (Norrmalm)

Christmas markets a little outside Stockholm

Christmas Market at Tyresö Trade garden: (wait for times 2021)
In the greenhouses we have market squares with many exhibitors where you can stroll around. Revel in flowers, wreaths, crafts, food, Christmas decorations, jewelry, clothes, treats, decor and much more. Children's activities.
Address: Tyresö Slott, Slottsvägen 7, Tyresö

Christmas Market in Stora Sköndal: (wait for times 2021)
The Christmas market will offer sales of Christmas presents, interior details, decorations, flowers and wreaths. There will also be sales of lollipops and coffee next to the stove as well as the opportunity to have lunch and Christmas beer in Café Kristinahuset next door. In the café, dogs are also warmly welcome.
Address: Växthuset Stora Sköndal, Herbert Widmans väg 5E, not so far from Café Kristinahuset.

Christmas Market at Sandhamns Inn: (wait for times 2021)
In our fantastic archipelago environment, we arrange exhibitors, activities and a restaurant - all framed in an atmospheric Christmas-decorated outdoor market. Selected exhibitors show off their beautiful and interesting crafts and products.
Address: Sandhamns Värdshus, Sandhamn (Stockholms skärgård)

New Year celebrations in Stockholm!

We are waiting and seeing what happens before New Year this year with covid-19. Otherwise, there are usually New Year's fireworks at Slussen every year. Please note that it is not advisable to set off fireworks during the New Year celebrations. We see what happens at new years eve this year. .

New Year Cruise

New Years Cruise

We are waiting to see if it is possible to book the New Year's cruise in the year 2021!

Strömma | Dec 31 2021 - Jan 1, 2022
Do you have no one to celebrate New Year with or do you have nothing planned yet. Go with Strömma on a New Year's cruise. S / S Stockholm and M / S Gustafsberg VII serve fantastic New Year's menus. The evening begins with a glass of champagne and at twelve o'clock you stand on the first floor of the 12-stroke fireworks over the city!

New Years Eve at Slussen in Stockholml

Celebrate New Year's fireworks at Slussen

We are waiting the New Year celebrations in 2021.

Katarinahissen | Dec 31 2021 - Jan 1 2022
A tradition is to get out of the house and get to Slussen at Katarinahissen and around when the clock starts to approach New Yeras Eve. When the clock srikes 12 at New Year's Eve, yes, then a beautiful firework is fired from a pontoon in the water outside. Get warm and hang on. We will wait and see if the event will be celebrated this year or not depending on covid-19.

Popular Christmas activities in Stockholm
5 dec - 31 dec, 2021
Strandvägen Stockholm
Köp biljett
1 dec -31 dec , 2021
Djurgårdsvägen Stockholm
Köp biljett
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Christmas in Gothenburg

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