Stockholm Pass

A city card filled with free attractions

Stockholm Pass

The whole of Stockholm in a sightseeing card!

Stockholm Pass is an experience card filled with free entry to over 60 attractions, museums and sightseeing tours in Stockholm with buses and boats. You buy this Stockholm card at a fixed price and visit as many attractions as you can for a certain number of days. Some boat trips are special months.

You can also say that Stockholm Pass is similar to a discount card, because the more attractions you visit with this sightseeing card, the more discount you get at regular admission prices. The card is perfect for those who want to experience as much as possible of Stockholm at a discounted price.

See everything you can get from Stockholm for a certain number of days!

The card is a so-called. all-inclusive passport where everything is included. You choose the number of days that suit you best. You can choose between Stockholm Pass valid for the following number of days:






A selection of everything included in this discount card

Hop-on/Hop-off wit boat in Stockholm

Hop-on/Hop-off with boat - free trips

Free travel during all days your Stockholm Pass is active!
Go unlimited with Hop-on / Hop-off boats during all your valid days. Stockholm is beautifully located on the water and with this tour you come to the Vasa Museum, Djurgården, Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace. A nice way to discover this beautiful city.

Departs during Season: Apr - Sep

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Hop-on/Hop-off ith bus in Stockholm

Hop-on/Hop-off with bus - free trips

Free travel during all days your Stockholm Pass is active!
Go unlimited with Hop-on / Hop-off buses during all your valid days. The bus goes between all of Stockholm's sights and stops are available at several places in the city. On board you are guided through headsets in different languages. In the summer you can sit at the top without a roof.

Departs all year-round.

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Vasa Museum

Vasa Museum

Stockholm's most visited attraction. For 333 years, the warship Vasa was hidden on the seabead. Now she stands above the surface for you to see.

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The Royal Palace in Stocksholm

The Royal Palace

Visit the beautiful Stockholm Castle. It is one of the largest castles in the world. View the National Halls and much more.

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The Royal Stables in Stockholm

The Royal Stables

The Royal Stables is open all year round. Guided tours only. Visit the stable with the horses that are transporting the royal family.

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Globen Skyview Stockholm

Globen SkyView

Ride in Globen Skyview up the Globe wall about 100 meters. A tour that takes you to the top with a fantastic view out over Stockholm.

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Gröna Lund Stockhom

Gröna Lund Tivoli

Stockholm's famous amusement park. Spend a day here and ride the roller coaster. Fun for both children and adults.

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Båttur till Vaxholm

Boat Tour to Vaxholm

Enjoy a beautiful boat trip on board S / S Stockholm to Vaxholm. Here is also the Vaxholm Fortress.

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Vikingastaden Birka

Birka - The Viking City

Free boat trip to Birka. Birka is said to be Sweden's first city from the middle of the 7th century. Birka on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren..

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Nobel Prize Museum Stockholm

Nobel Prize Museum

See the story behind the Nobel Prize that began to be awarded in 1901, Alfred Nobel.

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Gripsholms Castle in Stockholm

Gripsholm Castle

Visit Gustav Vasa Castle from year 1537. You will also visit one of Europe's best preserved 18th-century theatres.

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Drottningholms Slott Stockholm

Drottningholm Palace and boat tour

Free boat trip across Lake Mälaren to Drottningholm Castle and entrance to the castle. Built in the 17th century and included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Fotografiska Stockholm


For the photo enthusiast. Photographic is the world's largest place for modern photography. Nice view from the bar on the top floor.

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Stadsvandring i Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Old Town Walk Tour

Free guided walk in the Old Town. Experience Stockholm's history and look at beautiful houses and alleys.

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SL-kort Stockholm

Add on a Travelcard to Stockholm Pass!

Go with Stockholm's local traffic
If you feel that you need to go on Stockholm's local traffic (bus, tram, subway) then you can add an SL card to your Stockholm Pass and then you go freely for the same number of days your Stockholm Pass is purchased. The SL card is not date stamped and is activated the first time you use it. You do not activate your Stockholm Pass when you activate your SL card and vice versa. You can use your SL card independently of Stockholm Pass.

Children under 7 travel for free with SL in the adult's company with a valid SL card.

Read more about the SL card that you can add to a Stockholm Pass »

How many days does Stockholm Pass apply: 1, 2, 3 or 5 days
Number of attractions to choose from: 60+
What attractions are included: See everything included in a Stockholm Pass »
includes bus / metro card: You can choose this option when you buy Stockholm Pass.
You save: The more you do, the more you save.
Delivery: pick up in Stockholm, home delivery or Stockholm Pass directly on your mobile.
Activation: when you visit your first attraction on site in Stockholm
How many days is the card valid? the number of days you purchased the passport for
How far before can I buy the discount card: 12 months in advance

About Stockholm Pass

The more you experience, the more you earn!
Since the sightseeing card is valid for different number of days, you will profit from trying to do and see as much as you can of all that is included in Stockholm Pass. It can be good to make up a small schedule of what you want to visit and maybe how long you want to stay at each attraction. One tip is to divide the day in the morning and afternoon. We usually see this card as a discount card. The more attractions you can visit the more discount you can say you get .

Experience card validity / Activation
Stockholm Pass is hourly. Ex. you buy a 2-day card (48 hours) and activate it at. It is valid until 14:00. 2 pm two days later. When you purchase multi-day cards, the card is valid for the number of consecutive days you purchased. You may visit each attraction once with your Stockholm Pass except Hop on / Hop off buses and boats which you can ride with unlimited during the days your card is valid.

How does it work?
You buy one card per person for the number of days you wish. Adult and children (6-15 years). Children's cards (6-15 years) can only be purchased together with Adult cards. For children under the age of 6, there is no card as most are free for that age. Then visit your first attraction to activate the card.

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We reserve the right to ev. changes to content and rules regarding the above discount card. Always be sure to read and read. website for the latest information and what is included in each discount card when content can be changed.
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