Gripsholm Castle

Mariefred Castle from the 16th century

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Feel free to visit Gripsholms Slott by Lake Mälaren. The castle is from the 16th century and here you can look at the State's portrait collection and pay a visit to the Palace Theater dating from the 18th century. The castle is today a museum. There is also a Gustav III theater in the area. The castle is very beautifully situated on Lake Mälaren. With the trip from Stockholm, you go on the historic riverboat S/S Mariefred. It is also possible to book a return journey by train and vintage bus.

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Boka en tur till Gripsholm

Cruise across Lake Mälaren to Mariefred

Take a boat to Mariefred and pay a visit to Gripsholm's castle which dates from 1537. The royal castle dates back to the Vasa period and here are things that have remained unchanged since the 16th century. There is also a Gustav III theater in the area. The castle is very beautifully situated on Lake Mälaren. There is a cafeteria on board and you can also have lunch and dinner. Feel free to reserve a place. The journey goes with the coal-fired steamship S / S Mariefred.

Entrance to Gripsholm Castle can be purchased when booking a boat ticket. It is possible to book a return journey by train and vintage bus.

Season: 3 jun - 27 aug, 2023
Depart: - The boat departs from Klara Mälarstrand Time: 10 hours in total. (shorter trip if you choose train or vintage bus)

Gripsholms Castle

Visit the castle that Gustav Vasa decided would be built in the 16th century. Another famous attraction in the castle is Gustav III's theater, which is located in one of the castle's round Renaissance towers. During the summer you can book theater screenings. The castle is also known for its large collection of portraits.

Which Swedish kings have lived in the castle? The first king to take over the monastery and turn it into a castle was Gustav Vasa. He tore down the castle if it had stood here before and had a castle built in 1537. The castle was built of brick and required a lot of masons. The castle would become a defense castle and consisted of four towers and an enclosed courtyard.

During the latter part of the 16th century, the fort was built. After Gustav Vasa's death in 1560, castles began to decay, but his sons, including Erik XIV, later continued to complete the castle. Two of Gustav Vasa's children have been imprisoned in the castle. Johan III and his wife Katarina Jagellonica between 1563-1567. In 1571, Erik XIV was imprisoned with his family. The castle was used as a prison in the late 16th century to the beginning of the 17th century.

Between 1654 - 1715 Hedvig Eleonora lived in the castle (Karl X Gustav's wife). She had the Queen Wing built in 1691. Between the years 1773-1785, Gustaf III spent a lot of time here around autumn and Christmas. In 1781, a new theater was built where the former theater stood from 1773. Between 1890 - 1899, major renovations were carried out on the castle. During the 20th century, a lot of renovations of the castle also took place both externally and internally.

Early history
Gripsholm dates back to the end of the 14th century. The name Gripsholm is first mentioned in May 1381 in a letter that has connections to Bo Jonsson's family. Bo Jonssons built an estate and a castle on the site at this time. After his death, the property was sold to Queen Margaret in 1401. In 1434 the castle was on fire. In 1472 the castle came into Sten Sture's possession and in 1493 he donated the castle to the Carthusian Order. They built a monastery on the site. Today there are only a few remains of the old castle at the castle's castle.

The Park
The deer park next to the castle is known for its deer that roam freely in the park.

Gustaf III had a theater built in 1781 in the castle. It was Erik Palmstedt who got the assignment. The theater is an extension next to a tower space. Lodges were built for royalty and servants. On the sides of the stage are plaster sculptures by Johan Tobias Sergel. They represent tragedy and comedy.

The Cavalier Wing
Gustaf III had a Cavalier grand piano built in 1782 for his visits to castles. They would live somewhere with their servants as the castle could not accommodate all visits. These rooms are said to have been a bit low in height ..... the visitors' wigs went against the ceiling. To see these rooms, keep your eyes open if they are part of the opening of "Secret Rooms" which is usually held at the end of May.

Gripsholm Castle
Address: 647 31 Mariefred (at Lake Mälaren, just outside Mariefred's old town center)

Cruise to Gripsholm Castle
3 jun - 27 aug, 2023
Klara Mälarstrand, Stockholm
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