Stockholm Royal Palace

The Royal Palace

The Stockholm Royal Palace is the official residence of the Swedish monarch!

Except for the Royal Ship Vasa the Stockholm Royal Palace is an equal attraction. Here you have the opportunity to enter the castle and see the fine representation halls, the Bernadotte floor, the Order halls and the Rikshall and more.

There are also several museums with lots of interesting history. In a cellar vault at the castle, the National Regalia are also stored in the so-called Treasury. The palace also has its own church - The Palace Church. So in other words, there is a lot to see so a whole day should probably be spent here to get to see it all.

Museum Tre Kronor in Stockholm Castle

Museum Tre Kronor

A museum dedicated to the old castle Tre Kronor. Despite the fire of 1697, there are preserved objects that you can view at the museum. Here are also models of how the defense castle of 1200 can be set out and the castle's different appearances over time.

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The Treasury in Stockholm Castle

The Treasury

Since 1970, you can view the fantastically beautiful National Regalia in a basement vault at Stockholm Castle. These are treasures such as Gustav Vasa's national sword, the Silver baptismal font from 1696, Erik XIV's crown, spire and apple and several prince and princess crowns etc..

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Gustav III Antik Museum Stockholms Palace

Gustav III:s Antikmuseum

King Gustav III was very interested in art and antiques. Gustav III bought sculptures and statues during his trip to Italy in the 18th century. After the king's death, it was decided that the works of art would be displayed and today they stand there as already in 1794.

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Stockholm Royal Palace

In the middle of central Stockholm, the Stockholm Royal Palace tones up on Stadsholmen. Today's palace has been in the same place since 1754.

The Stockholm Royal Palace history
There are some divided opinions about how long there has actually been a castle on the site of today's Royal Palace. It is said that Birger Jarl had a castle built here in the middle of the 13th century. Part of the old castle is preserved behind the castle's baroque façade. With Gustav Vasa taking power in Sweden, the modern nation-state of Sweden was also created. The castle in Stockholm now became the country's most important residence. In the years that followed, the castle was also transformed into a magnificent castle with both a moat and a drawbridge as a real castle in the world of fairy tales.

In 1588, the castle was named "Tre Kronor" when three gilded crowns were placed on top of the tallest tower in the middle of the castle. Three crowns is Sweden's heraldic national symbol and these three crowns were used as early as the 1330s by King Magnus Eriksson. Fires used to be fatal, even for Tre Kronor Castle. On May 7, 1697, the worst fire broke out and almost the entire castle was completely destroyed. It was not until 1754 that the new castle was ready and the royal family was able to move in (King Adolf Fredrik and Queen Lovisa Ulrika). No major changes have taken place with the castle since the 18th century.

King Karl XIV Johan
Jan 26, 1763 Jean Bernadotte was born in France. Jean was appointed Crown Prince of Sweden in 1810 during a time when Sweden needed a strong regent. Jean was adopted by the then King Charles XIII who had no children of his own in life and was named Karl Johan. When the king died in 1818, Karl Johan took over on 5 February 1818. Even today, the Bernadotte family is heirs to the throne.

The Stockholm Royal Guards
Since 1523, there has been Guards at the castle. Today, the High Guard is part of the Armed Forces' task of guarding Stockholm Castle. Every day there is a High Guard relief with specific procedures. During the summer season with even more stately shift changes.

The Royal Palace Church
The palace has its own church, Slottskyrkan, and in fact its very own parish - Hovförsamlingen. The church is open in connection with services and masses all year round. During the summer, the church is open for its own tour.

The Stockholm Palace various halls and floors
The magnificent parade floors which are referred to as representation floors. Som ex. The party floor, the guest floor and the Bernadotte floor. The interior is well preserved and even today you can view Gustav III's parade bed chamber and Oscar II's writing room.

Stockholm Palace. Sourch: Youtube.

Ulrika's Dining Room
Adolf Fredrik, Lovisa Ulrika and the children Gustav (8), Karl (6), Fredrik Adolf (4) and Sofia Albertina (1) moved into the new castle in December 1754. There was a lot of work left to do at the new castle during long time ahead. Gustav III became a customer in 1771 and he had much of the oldest decoration removed, which had already become old and outdated.

Stockholm Palace
Address: The Royal Palace, Old Town, Stockholm

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Fun Tip

Det spökar på slottet
It is said to haunt the castle. A "White Wife" has appeared on several occasions over the centuries. The last time was in 1920 when Crown Princess Margareta was dying.

Queen Kristina's silver throne
Magnus Gabriel De la Gardie ordered a silver throne which was donated to Kristina before her coronation in 1650. It is one of only two pieces of furniture that were saved from the castle fire in 1697.

Gustav III
After King Gustav III was shot at the opera on March 16, 1792, he was taken to Stockholm Castle where he later died March 29, 1792.

Recording location
The castle has been involved in several recordings such as "Jönssonligan gets gold fever" from 1984, "Garbage" 1981 and others.

Map - Stockholm Palace