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Join a boat trip in Stockholm. Book a lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or brunch at sea. You can choose between several different boat trips out in the Stockholm Archipelago. There are also several different trips to different islands and castles. Stockholm has 30,000 islands and some of them you can go to with a boat trip.

For those who love seafood, there is the popular shrimp cruise where you can eat as much shrimp as you can handle on board the shrimp boat. During the summer, boat trips in the archipelago are very popular and then the offer increases. How about the short trip of 30 minutes from town to the island where you can swim at Fjäderholmarna. Like cruises to castles around Mälaren, small islands in the Stockholm archipelago and Birka Viking City. But even during the winter it's really cozy with a boat trip in Stockholm. Step into the warmth and watch a wintry Stockholm pass by outside the window.

When Christmas is just around the corner, you can go on a Christmas table cruise in the archipelago. Stockholm has several different archipelago boats that take you out to sea. So take the opportunity to go on a boat trip in Stockholm when you're here! You find more Food Cruises on this page.

Book a trip to a castle or to an island in the Stockholm archipelago. We work with Strömma.

Book Afternoon Tea Cruise in Stockholm<

Afternoon Tea Cruise in Stockholm

On board M / S Gustafsberg VII, you will be served cakes, pastries and freshly baked scones with traditional accessories. The boat was built in 1912 and made for Afternoon Tea in its cozy lounges.

Afternoon Tea includes: 1 glass of sparkling wine served with small aisles. Brewed tea, scones, jams, cream cheese, butter, cheese, soft cake and small bread. The ticket includes a boat trip and Afternoon Tea

Season: back 2023
Departs: Nybrokajen Time: 2 hours

Book Shrimp Cruise in Stockholm

Shrimp Cruise in Stockholm

Where better suited for a shrimp chill than on board a ship with the world's most beautiful archipelago gliding past outside the window? On board M / S Strömma Kanal, shrimp are served in long courses - eat as much as you want. When boarding, a glass of bubbly is served and then it's time to take your seats. In addition to shrimp, two types of sauces are served, bread and whipped Västerbotten cheese butter.

The ticket includes a boat trip, shrimp and a pre-drink.

Season: April 26 - Oct 28, 2023
Time: 3 tim

Lilla Skärgårdsturen Stockholms skärgård

Archipelago Tour - All year

This tour takes you out into the Stockholm archipelago. On board there is a guide who tells about the areas you pass outside the window. On board there is a cafeteria and dining room. This trip is cozy to join both summer and winter.

Included in the ticket: boat trip with guide

Season: Jan - Dec, 2023
Departs: Strandvägen, Kajplats 15 and 16 Time: approx 3 hours

Royal Canal Tour & Hop On - Hop Off

Royal Canal Tour & Hop On - Hop Off

Hop on the Hop On - Hop Off bus that takes you around Stockholm for 24 hours. The tour we start the Royal Opera and stop at various popular sights. You pass the robbery of central Stockholm through the Djurgård Canal, around Djurgården in the national park, past historic buildings, etc. You also pass the Vasa Museum and Waldemarsudde.

Season: back 2023
Time: 2 hours & 30 minutes

Book combination ticket bus/boat in Stockholm

Hop On – Hop Off Bus & Boat

See sights in Stockholm both from the water and by bus. You can choose between a ticket that is valid for 24 or 72 hours. Decide at your own pace by jumping on and off the boat and bus at the stops along the routes. Eat easy way to discover Stockholm.

The ticket is valid for 24 hours or 72 hours.

Season: 3 jun - 3 sep, 2023
Time: 24 hours, 72 hours

Boat to Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm

Boat to Drottningholm Palace

Make a boat trip to Drottningholm Castle. It is Sweden's best-preserved royal palace. It is from the end of the 17th century. The castle is located on Lovön in Lake Mälaren. In the castle area you can see the Chinese pavilion, Drottningholm's court theater, Little China, the Gothic tower, the canton and several areas. Several different options when booking.

Season: April 29 - Sept 23, 2023
Time: 1 hour

Hop off City sight to the ABBA museum in Stockholm

ABBA The Museum & Hop On – Hop Off bus

See Stockholm with Hop on / Hop off buses. The ticket also includes entrance to ABBA The Museum at Djurgården. Easy to jump on and off as much as you want for 24 hours.

The bus has a stop at ABBA The Museum.

Season: wait for dates for 2023
Depart: Kungliga Operan and 22 other stops. Tid: 24 hours

Book Royal Canal Tour in Stockholm

Royal Canal Tour

On this tour you will be guided with a pre-recorded guide - how about Markoolio or Hasse Alfredsson. You pass central Stockholm through the Djurgård Canal and then back towards the center again. You pass the Vasa Museum and Waldemarsudde. You can buy coffee on the boat.

Season: March 31 - Dec 17, 2023
Departs: Strömkajen Time: 50 minutes

Book Hop on/Hop off boat tour in Stockholm

Hop on/Hop off Boat (24 hours / 72 hours)

A good way to travel in Stockholm is from the water surface. Jump on and off as often as you like. The boat ride begins at the Royal Palace and passes by Gröna Lund, Vasa Musum and other popular places in Stockholm. Choose between 24/72 hour ticket.

Ticket is valid for 24 hours or 72 hours. 8 different stops.

Season: June 3 - Sept 3, 2023
Depart: Royal Palace and 8 different stops. Tid: 24 hours, 72 hours

Different boat trips in Stockholm!

Experience Stockholm with a different boat trip. Here you get two tips!

Stockholm Ocean Bus
Amphibious bus in Stockholm
Central Stockholm | til Sep 2022

Ocean Bus takes you around Stockholm both on land and water. It starts as a bus which then drives straight into the water and becomes a boat.

Tickets are presented in cooperation with GetYourGuide.
Sightseeing by electric boat in Stockholm
Sightseeing by electric boat in Stockholm
Central Stockholm | til Sep 2022

See Stockholm on board the first 100% electric boat. You travel silently on the water and come close to famous places. Feel free to bring your own coffee and cake (fika) on board.

Tickets are presented in cooperation with GetYourGuide.
Book a boat tour to Boat trip to Vaxholm from Stockholm

Boat trip to Vaxholm from Stockholm

Travel to Vaxholm by boat. Visit this picturesque place by the water. Here you will experience history from 1500's. Don´t miss to visit Vaxholms Kastell. King Gustav Vasa founded the citadel in the beginning of the 16th century. Walk around and visit the harbour and sit down and take a coffee and a Swedish "bulle" bun. In Swedish we say "Fika". A Swede never miss his "fika". You can choose from two different tours. One that is a little shorter and one that is a little longer. The longer trip is with the Cinderella boats

Season: all year around
Depart: Strandvägen Time: 50 minutes - 3 hours (depending on which tour)

Cruise on Hjälmare Kanal

Cruise on Hjälmare Kanal

On this canal trip between the section Kungsör - Notholmen in Hjälmarens Kanal you will pass nine locks! All locks are opened by hand just as they were 400 years ago. You go back to Gustav Vasa's time with lush meadows, pastures and fantastic oak groves.

Choose a lunch or dinner cruise.

Season: back 2024
Time: 4 hours & 30 minutes

Book a Lake Mälaren Cruise to Gripsholm Castle

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Mariefred - Gripsholm Castle

Go by a boat tour to Mariefred and visit Gripsholm Castle, which dates back to 1537. The royal castle dates back to the Pocket Age and there are things that have remained unchanged since the 16th century. Also nearby are Gustav III Theater. The castle is very beautiful locate at Mälaren. You travel with the "steamboat S/S Mariefred". On board there is a cafeteria and you can also have lunch and dinner. If you want to visit the Castle on a guided tour, you need to prebook the ticket.

You can also mix your tour by choosing to take the steam train back from Mariefred and then from Taxinge Näsby you take a vintage bus back to Stockholm. If you choose this tour, the journey will be about 3 hours shorter.

Season: June 3 - Aug 27, 2023
Time: 10 hours (7 hours by train and vintage bus back from Mariefred)

Book a boat tour to Cinderella boats to Sandhamn

Cinderella boats to Sandhamn

Travel quickly to popular Sandhamn. You can sit on the sun deck and get a nice view of the surroundings. Feel free to walk along the promenade and visit the small interior design and clothing stores as well as several different artist galleries. There is also an ice cream kiosk, bars and restaurants on the island. You can get a fantastic view of the sea if you go up to Kvarnberget. Feel free to bring swimwear and visit the beach.

Also choose if you want to eat food on board, you can book lunch or dinner cruise.

Season: June 17 - Aug 20, 2023
Depart: Strandvägen Time: 2 hours & 15 minutes

Book a Canal Tour Sandhamn in Stockholm

Canal Tour Sandhamn

Travel to Sandhamn by boat in Strömma Kanal. You will travel through several passages on the way to Sandhamn. You can sit on the sun deck and have a nice view of the surroundings. On board there is a guide that informs you about the canal tour and also of Sandhamn.

If you want have lunch or dinner do not forget to book a table. When you reach Sandhamn, the guide will take you on a tour of Sandhamn.

Season: June 17 - Aug 20, 2023
Time: 8 hours

Book a boat tour to Grand Canal Cruise to Artipelag in Stockhoms Artipelag

Grand Canal Cruise to Artipelag

The boat trip goes through Skurusundet to Värmdö. You arrive to the art gallery in Stockholm´s archipelago. Walk around the beautiful area, for example the 1 km long beach walk. You can buy designer goods in the gift shop. Note! entrance to the museum not included in the ticket.

Season: 6 maj - 24 sep, 2023
Time: 1 hours & 35 minutes

Book a trip to Fjäderholmarna with Strömma

Boat trip to Fjäderholmarna

Make a visit to Fjäderholmarna. A short boat trip from Stockholm city. Spend a whole day or only a few hours there. Bring your swimsuit and take a dip in the water, visit a museum, stroll around and visit the small shops were you can buy handycrafts. Maybe also try the Swedish beer in the local Brewery.

Season: April 29 - Sept 2 2023
Departs: Strandvägen Time: 30 minutes

Book a tour to Skokloster Castle in Stockholm

Skokloster Castle

The present castle was built in 1654-1676 by Count and Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Wrangel during the Swedish superpower era's most flourishing period. On your boat tour to the Castle a host talks about the sights you pass along the way. Visit the castle and experience unique furniture, paintings and room interiors from the 17th century. Entrance to the castle included.

Season: June 29 - Aug 13, 2023
Time: 8 hours & 45 minutes

Book a boat tour to Sigtuna

Lake Mälaren Cruise to Sigtuna

Travel to Sigtuna by boat. Sigtuna was the first real city in Sweden, and was founded year 980. The first Christian king, Olof Skötkonung lived here and he decided that the first Swedish coins should be made here. You will travel on calm water through lake Mälaren to Sigtuna. In Sigtuna you can see old churches, rune stones, and ruins. Many object are from between the Viking and medieval ages. Your guide will also show you the nicest spot in Sigtuna.

On board there is an cafeteria.

Season: June 29 - Aug 13, 2023
Depart: Klara Mälarstrand Time: 8 hours & 30 minutes

Cinderella boats to Gallnö in Stockholm

Cinderella boats to Gallnö

Go to Gällnö during the summer a quiet island in the middle archipelago. You can swim here and you can also stay overnight at their hostel. It takes about 1.5 hours with the boat. The island is approximately 500 hectares and consists mostly of mixed forests, pastures and cultivated fields. The cows graze in the big gardens. During the summer there is a trade fair and a cafe.

The boat has a cafe on board.

Season: April 28 - Okt 16 2023
Time: 1 hours & 30 minutes

Book a tour to Thousand Island in Stockholm artipelag

Thousand Island with lunch/dinner

This long boat tour will take you to many different places in Stockholm archipelago. You will make a visit to three Islands and you will get a guided tour on every place. All meals are included but not the drinks. You will travel in the bot M/S Waxholm III that was built in 1903. A nice choice when yoy like to spend a whole day in Stockholmarchipelago.

The ticket also includes morning coffee, lunch, afternoon coffee and dinner.

Season: June 29 - Sept 2, 2023
Time: 11 hours

Bookk a tour to Finnhamn in Stockholm

Cinderella boats to Finnhamn

Go to Finnhamn during a day trip and stay and swim or why not sleep at STF Vandrarhem. available nice bathyards and a cafe if you're craving for something good. For the islanders, the activities on the island are operated with great thought on the environment.

Season: April 28 - Sept 17, 2023
Depart: Strandvägen Time: 2 hours & 10 minutes

Book a tour to South Ingmarsö in Stockholm

Cinderella boats to Södra Ingmarsö

Get out of the boat to Ingmarsö - Stockholm's most populated island. Here you can enjoy your day with many activities such as swimming, cycling, hiking, fishing. You can get a map of hiking trails in the island's shop. There is a shop, post office, pharmacy, bakery and a restaurant on the island. Onboard the boat there is the opportunity to buy food and drink.

Season: April 28 - Sept 17, 2023
Time: 1 hours & 55 minutes

Book Winter Tour in Stockholm by boat

Stockholm Winter Tour

Join this boat tour during wintertime in Sweden. You will get a guided tour along the city's quays, out to and around the islands of Fjäderholmarna. On upper deck you can borrow fleece blankets and skin rugs to keep you warm. You can buy warm beverages in the cafeteria.

Season: Jan 1 - March 31, 2023
Depart: Strömkajen Time: 1 hours & 15 minutes

Book a chanal tour to Gustavsberg

Grand Archipelago Canal Tour to Gustavsberg

On this trip on the ship M / S Gustafsberg VII you pass through Skurusundet and Baggensstäket's passages. There will also be a stop at Hålludden where the famous art gallery Artipelag is located. On board there is the opportunity to buy coffee with accessories.

Season: June 3 - Aug 27, 2023
Time: 5 hours & 30 minutes

Book a tour with Strömma to Svartö

Cinderellabåtarna to Svartsö

Go by boat to the middle archipelago of Stockholm and make a visit to a beautiful lush island - Svartsö. Please bring a bathing suit then there are nice lakes on the island. Of course you can also swim in the sea. You can rent a bike on the island and cycle on nice cycle paths around the island. Svartsö is also suitable for hiking. After a day trip on the island you can sleep in your own private tent or sleep over at the Archipelago hotel or hostel. There are also small, simpler cabins or cabins with a sauna for rent. On board the boat there is a cafeteria.

Season: 28 apr - 17 sep 2023
Depart: Strandvägen Time: 1 hour & 30 minutes

Book a tour with Strömma to Möja

Cinderellabåtarna to Möja

Take a boat to the cozy archipelago environment on the island of Möja. The island has about 280 residents. Feel free to pay a visit to the island's old wooden church and if you are hungry for good fish - pay a visit to the fish restaurant Wikströms Fisk. You can walk and cycle on the island, unfortunately there is no direct bathing island - the beaches are difficult to access. You can stay over on the island in their bed and breakfast or why not rent your own cottage. On board you can buy food and drink.

Season: 28 apr - 17 sep 2023
Time: 2 hours and 45 miutes

Boka en tur till Birka

Boat trip to Birka

Take the boat from central Stockholm to Sweden's first city, Birka on Björkö in Lake Mälaren. The price includes round trip travel, entrance to the museum and a guided tour of the ancient monuments area.

Depending on where you leave from, it takes between 15 minutes - 2 hours by boat to go out to the island of Björkö. On board the boat there is a café where you can buy simple dishes, coffee, snacks and cold and hot drinks. Time at Birka between 3-3 hours 30 min.

Season: May 6 - Oct 29, 2023 (depending on where you leave from)
Departs: Stockholm, Hovgården, Mariefred, Härjarö and Södertälje Time: it takes different time with the boat depending on where you are going from. On site 3-3 hrs 30 min.

Book Vaxholms Kastell in Stockholm

Boat Tour to Vaxholms Kastell

Take a boat trip to the fortress on the island - Vaxholms Kastell. Go on a tour of the museum and have a bite to eat or coffee.

The ticket includes a boat trip.

Season: May 15 - Aug 27, 2023
Time: 50 min

Buy Tickets to Brunch Cruise in Stockholm

Brunch Cruise in Stockholm

Book a tour on a cozy brunch cruise aboard S / S Stockholm. On board is served a delicious brunch buffet with goodies such as herring, meatballs, to crisp salads, deli meats, cheeses, vegan dishes and bread etc. After the good food, the dessert table awaits, so don't forget to leave some room for these yummies. S / S Stockholm is a boat with cozy lounges, a large dining room and nice walking deck. When you eat, the archipelago passes beautifully outside the window.

From the month of December, the brunch will be served with elements of Christmas food.

The ticket includes boat trip and brunch buffet.

Season: April 1 - Dec 31, 2023
Departs: Sat-Sun. Tid: 3 hours

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