Visit Stockholm during Easter

Egg hunt och other activities!

What to do in Stockholm during Easter?

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, offers activities and events to enjoy during Easter. Many museums organize activities around Easter for the children. Visit Skansen that is a nice place for both young and old. Here is lovely when Spring is coming. Go on a brunch cruise in the Stockholm archipelago during Easter weekend. There is also entertainment with music. out for the witches during Easter!

Easter 2024 is during the week number 13 between March 28 - April 1, 2024. Easter in Sweden starts with Maundy Thursday (Skärtorsdag), following with Good Friday (Långfredag) and the three days of Easter. Many things during Easter in Stockholm is open. The same time as Easter there is the Easter school holiday in Stockholm with special Easter events in especially museums. Children also usually dress up as Easter witches and knock on people's doors for candy. The kids also loooong for the Eater Bunny for even more candy.

Here are some tips on what you can do in Stockholm during Easter

Skansen - Open-air museum

At Skansen there is a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy that takes you on a journey through time. Take part in traditions in houses and farms, listen to stories and music, do Easter crafts, take a fika, see animals. During Easter, the park is filled with lots of activities for both children and adults. You can see how people have celebrated, eaten and decorated their homes at Easter over the years in several of Skansen's houses. Skansen Open-air museum is located at Djurgården opposite Gröna Lund.

Easter in Stockholm

Boat tours

A nice way to discover Stockholm is from the water on a boat trip. You can go with the low boats that take you under Stockholm's bridges. You can eat a good brunch on a brunch cruise on Saturdays and Sundays. Or experience the best of the Stockholm archipelago in a short period of time on a round-trip city cruise.


Explore Stockholm's shopping districts and boutiques for Easter gifts, souvenirs, or treats. Don't forget to sample some traditional Swedish sweets like marzipan-filled chocolates or colorful Easter eggs.

The Vasa Museum

The most famous museum in Stockholm is the Vasa Museum that show the worlds best-preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world - Vasa. More than 98 percent of the ship is original, and it is decorated with hundreds of carved sculptures. Vasa sank on its maiden voyage in Stockholm harbor in 1628 and was salvaged 333 years later in 1961. A visit to the Vasa Museum is almost a must-do on a visit to Stockholm. The Vasa Museum is located at Djurgården.

Paradox Museum

At the Paradox Museum you get to experience optical exhibits that can be puzzling images or objects that trick and confuse you. There are also interactive exhibits such as astonishing installations or entire rooms that challenge all your senses by making what you see or experience not always completely true. So bring the whole family on an exciting visit and see when your brain plays tricks on you!

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Free entrance and sightseeing:


The Royal Palace

Vasa Museum

Nobel Prize Museum

Gröna Lund Amusement Park

Globen SkyView

Birka - The Viking City

Boat and Bus Tours

ABBA The Museum

One of Stockholm's popular museums is ABBA The Museum, which opened on May 7, 2013. At the Abba museum you can see original clothing worn by ABBA at their concerts, see various built environments where ABBA stayed, such as the Polar studio where ABBA recorded songs from 1978, a Swedish folk park and the writer's cabin on Viggsö in the Stockholm archipelago. On site you can also hear many of ABBA's music with their endless hits. If the children like ABBA's music and characters, they will not go home disappointed. The ABBA Museum is located at Djurgården opposite Skansen.

Junibacken - A World of Storytelling

For little bookworms, Junibacken is a dream come true. Inspired by the stories of beloved Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, this magical museum takes children on a whimsical journey through Pippi Longstocking's house, Karlsson's roof, and other enchanting places. The Story Train ride is a particular highlight, immersing kids in the captivating tales of Lindgren's characters. Junibacken is located at Djurgården near the Vasa Museum.

Easter in Stockholm

Outdoor Activities / Egg hunts

If the weather permits, take advantage of outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, or boat tours around Stockholm's beautiful archipelago. Springtime in Stockholm can be delightful, with blossoming flowers and longer daylight hours. Strömma boat tours operate during Easter in Stockholm. Many parks, gardens, and attractions in Stockholm organize Easter egg hunts for children. Keep an eye out for events at places like Djurgården, Hagaparken, Junibacken and public squares where kids can search for hidden eggs. On some places if the children come dressed up as an Easter witch, the children can get candy or something else.

Culture Events

Check out museums, galleries and theaters for special Easter exhibitions, performances, or concerts. Stockholm has a vibrant cultural scene, and you're likely to find something interesting happening during the holiday.

See concerts in Stockholm

Go by RIB boat in central water in Stockholm

RIB Boat tour in central Stockholm and the Stockholm archipelago

Going on a rib boat is a different kind of sightseeing through central Stockholm's waterways and out into the fantastically beautiful archipelago. Rib Stockholm takes you from Strandvägen and you glide out at a leisurely pace past several of Stockholm's sights such as the Vasaskeppet, Gamla Stan and Gröna Lund. When you leave central Stockholm and come out into the archipelago, the speed increases and you get that tingling feeling in your body as the speed picks up. The RIB boat takes you out to Vaxholm and then takes you back towards Stockholm.

If you have never gone on a rib boat before, we would like to suggest a fun activity you can do during your visit to Stockholm, as rib tours run in all weathers all year round (exception in fog, thunder and strong storms).

Dates: Selected days throughout the year
Time: 2 hours Address: Kajplats 17, Strandvägen, Stockholm
Other info: From 12 years. Pregnant women and people with back and neck problems are advised not to ride a rib boat .

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Fun experiences all year for both kids and adults!

Paradox museum i Stockholm
Paradox Museum
Stockholm | All year

A paradox is something that goes against what one has expected. You could say that a paradox plays tricks on the brain and tricks your eyes. Come here and get surprised!

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Hop-on Hop-off bus in Stockholm
Hop-on / Hop-off Bus
Stockholm | All year

Experience Stockholm with a Hop-on / Hop-off bus. The bus takes you to famous sights in Stockholm such as the Vasa Museum, Skansen, the Viking Museum, Gamla Stan and the Royal Palace, etc.

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