Stockholm Shopping

Some tips on where to shop in Stockholm!

Shopping is always fun!

In Stockholm, the range is the largest when it comes to shopping. If you want to shop in small shops or in a large mall, just choose. How about famous brands, luxury, everyday clothes, children's clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry, jackets, beauty, interior design, organic and much more. The shops are close to several different streets in Stockholm. How about Gamla Stan, Drottninggatan, Hamngatan, Götgatan, Birger Jarlsgatan, Vasastan and Stora Nygatan.

Here we have collected some of the shops offered in Stockholm.

Shopping center

Below are some shopping malls, malls you can visit in Stockholm. Sure, it's great to walk around and stroll in a department store. On several different floors, you can choose and wreck between several different well-known stores. Of course, the shopping centers also have restaurants and cafes for a well-known break between purchases.

Gallerian i Stockholm


Here you can buy interior details, books, vintage, outdoor toys, glasses, clothes etc. Of course you can also eat and have a good coffee.

Address: Hamngatan 37. Picture: Gallerian

Fältöversten Galleria Stockholm


The department store offers goods in interior design and design, shoes, flowers, beauty and health, jewelry and clothing, etc..

Address: Karlaplan.

NK Stockholm


In the shopping center on Hamngatan, you can shop in different shops on several different floors. Here you will find the world's best brands.

Address: Hamngatan 18-20

Sturegallerian Stockholm Shopping


Visit the mall, which is built on former courtyards and ground floors from Stureplan to Grev Turegatan 11. Here you will find the exclusive shops. The neighborhood is Sperlingens Backe on Östermalm in central Stockholm.

Address: Sperlingens backe 56, Stureplan 4

Söderhallanna Salhall i Stockholm


You go to Söderhallarna if you want to buy good food. It is Södermalm's only market hall. But there are also a few other things you can do, such as changing the battery in your watch, cutting your hair or doing an eye examination, etc.

Address: Medborgarplatsen 3.

Mood Stockholm Galleria


Here you can find stores focusing on interior design, clothing, beauty, shoes, accessories, beauty products, beauty treatments, etc.

Address: Regeringsgatan 48

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

Westfield Mall of Scandinvia

Westfield Mall of Scandinavia is Sweden's and Scandinavia's largest mall. Here there are about 175 shops and over 40 restaurants. The shopping center has 3 levels. In the mall you can also go to the cinema, Filmstaden Scandinavia. In 2015, the mall opened.

Address: Stjärntorget 2, Solna

Sports and leisure

f you need something for your training or leisure activity, visit a sports / leisure store. Before your hike, you may need a good hiking boot, a good wind and a waterproof jacket. If you run, you need a good running shoe, etc. Not to forget a good underwear before your ski trip. Below you will find some shops within the specialty of nature and sports.

Add Nature affär Stockholm

Add Nature

Here you can buy outdoor clothes and equipment. If you need new boots, you can design your soles for boots and boots. There is a lot in hiking and camping. In addition, equipment for swimrun, swimming, kayaking and winter sports.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 43

Stadium butik i Stockholm


Stadium offers various training clothes, shoes, hiking boots, swimsuits, pants, etc. in various sports.

Address: Drottningatan 53 (can be found in several places in Stockholm)

Naturkompaniet Stockholm


The open-air shop with well-known brands in outdoor life and outdoor. Brands such as Fjällräven, Primus, Tierra, Patagonia, Hanwag, Hilleberg, Haglöfs, Hestra and others.

Address: Kungsgatan 4A


We all need shoes on our feet. How about boots, heels, boots, everyday shoes, etc. Some buy new shoes every year and some keep theirs much longer. What is important is to buy good shoes for your feet. They protect your feet and should guide you comfortably through life.

Nilson Shoes i Stockholm

Nilson Shoes

At Nilson Shoes you can buy classic shoes. The range within Nilson shoes is both expensive and cheap shoes. Their focus is quality shoes in fashion and leather. There are most stores in Stockholm.

Address: Gallerian, Hamngatan 37, 111 57 Stockholm.

Scorett skobutik i Stockholm


Here you can buy several different shoes and the company also works to fix used shoes and sells via the website and in store on Drottninggatan.

Address: Drottninggatan 55. Foto: Scorett

Cinnamons skobutik i Stockholm


How about straight-footed shoes in Stockholm City! The shoes and bags are designed in Alingsås outside Gothenburg and are produced in Spain. All shoes have interchangeable insoles that require their own shoe insoles. You will find the store not far from Central Station.

Address: Kungsgatan 53

Grand Shoes skor i Stockholm

Grand Shoes

The store that offers shoes in large sizes from sizes 47-52. How about golf shoes,, sneakers, sneakers, etc..

Address: Terrängvägen 117, 12947 HÄGERSTEN, Photo: Grand Shoes

Foot Locker sneakers Stockholm

Foot Locker

If you are looking for sneakers in Stockholm, visit the Foot Looker chain. You will find well-known brands such as Adidan, Nike, Vans, Fila, New Balance and Puma. There are shoes for men, women and children.

Address: Regeringsgatan 13-19, Bredholmsgatan 7 (Skärholmen) etc


Vintage clothing and other products. A sustainable choice. Gold grains from a bygone era, how about clothes from the 1920s, antique jewelry, clothes from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, 90s. Retro accessories such as hats, bags, gloves, etc. Below we present some stores within used.

Ritz Vintagekläder i Stockholm

Ritz Vintage

In the shop you will find vintage clothes from the 20s to the 90s.

Address: Bondegatan 48

59 Vintage Store Stockholm


This store invests a little extra in bringing in extra exclusive brands. There are more shops on Kungstorget and Mariatorget.

Address: Nytorget-Skånegatan 75

Arkivet Vintage Second Hand i Stockholm


At the Archive, you can find vintage offerings within well-known designers. There is a store in Vasastan and Östermalm.

Address: Vasastan och Östermalm

Sofo Night Shopping Stockholm


Extra long opening hours
The stores in the SoFo area on Södermalm are open extra long in the evening once a month. The concept has become very popular. During these evenings, it also usually offers special discounts and other offers. SoFo is a nickname for the area South of Folkungagatan. These abbreviations are typical of areas you will find in Manhattan in New York.

Address: Södermalm


Everything from classic decor to rich colors and rustic tables. From the small nice box to wonderfully large furniture. There is always something to find for those who are crazy about interior design! Below we present some shops for you who are interested in interior design.

Waka Yama Asiatiskt restaurang

Oscar & Clothilde

Here you will find mixed and exciting interior details that you often see in interior design magazines. Decor with a French touch from different cultures.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 27, Norrmalm Foto: Oscar Clothilde

Garbo inredningsbutik Stockholm


The store has lighting, accessories, furniture, lighting, accessories, pillows, mirrors, candlesticks and a collection of cashmere clothes. They draw and make furniture to order. You can also order your curtains to measure. The store is located in an old industrial premises.

Address: Stockholmsvägen 60, Lidingö. Picture: Garbo

Syster Lycklig inredningsaffär i Stockholm

Syster Lycklig

Sister Lycklig is a shop with interior details, furniture, wallpaper, clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. There are things for the small children with everything from crafts to interior design. There is also an online store.

Address: Tegnérgatan 12.

Plan Ett butik Stockholm

Plan Ett

The store offers lighting, carpets, furniture and interior details in high quality. How about furniture from international designers and of course Swedish.

Address: Birger Jarlsgatan 32, Östermalm

Outlet Stockholm

Stockholm Quality Outlet

Visit Outlet village
Here you can choose from most well-known brands in outlet village that are in an outdoor environment. Some of the stores are Peak Performance, Samsoe Samsoe, Samsonite, Saint Tropez, Watch & Jewelry etc. There is no online shopping. There are about 30 shops on site.

Address: The entrance to the flight 4 (Järfälla)

Jewelry / Accessories

Jewelry has been around for thousands of years. The first jewelry outside Africa has been found, a Cro-Magnon necklace and bracelets of bones, teeth, berries and stones hanging on strings or animal tendons. Jewelry has meant different things in different cultures and stands for status, fashion and identity. Below are some stores that sell necklaces, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings, rings, etc.

Smycka butik Stockholm


Visit the traditional jewelry store that already started over 40 years ago. Today they have several stores in Sweden. Here you can buy their Swedish-made brand Classic, which sells engagement and wedding rings. If you want, you can design your own ring. Here you can find personalized jewelry and watches for every occasion you have in life. Some of their brands are Dacapo, Lorus, Gemma etc.

Address: Hamngatan 4

Albrekts Guld Stockholm

Albrekts Guld

Here you can buy a wide range of diamond, gold and silver jewelry. There are also gift items, silverware and watches, pearls, jewelery, The store started in 1977.

Address: Drottningsgatan 63.

Guld och Smycken i Stockholm

Smide och Form

Handmade jewelry since 1985. Hedvig founded Smide och Form in 1985 together with Michael Hamma..

Address: Hornsgatan 36. Foto: Smide och Form

Children's stores

You may need a lot for your children when they are small babies. Then the little lives grow into small children and then there are completely different needs when shopping. Babies need prams, pacifiers, diapers, clothes, toys, cots, etc. When the children get a little bigger in size, you look for jackets, pants, shoes, hats, gloves, bicycles, skates and everything else you may need. Below we present some stores that sell children's products to children of different ages.

Takterass Henriksberg i Göteborg


The brand that already started in 1991 when they opened their first store in Vasastan in Stockholm. Their range is from the small pacifier to large products such as furniture and prams. The products are hand-picked from various suppliers. In 2017, Bonti's products were designated a Royal Court Supplier.

Address: Norrtullsgatan 33 (Odenplan), Nordiska Kompaniet, floor 4.

Sprall barnbutik Stockholm


At Sprall you can buy products from their own design. How about toys, mirrors, books, bags, etc. Sprall also sells the following to both large and small children, toys, furnishings, costumes, accessories and bath products.

Address: Nybrogatan 51, Östermalm, Sibyllegatan 18, Östermalm, Götgatan 78, Skrapan. Picture: Sprall

Lucca exkluvisa barnkläder Stockholm

Buy Buy

Here you buy used children's clothes. All goods are submitted by private individuals and sold through commission. A very good alternative considering the environment!

Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 60

Eco Sthlm ekologiska kläder i Stockholm

Eco Sthlm

At Eco Sthlm you can buy organic children's products. They have a store on Södermalm and an online store. They sell brands such as Plantoys from Thailand, Liewood from Denmark and Klean Kanteen who sell water bottles, thermoses etc. The products are in wood, rubber wood, organic cotton, wool, glass etc.

Address: Katarina Bangata 17 Picture: Eco Sthlm

Clothing stores

In Stockholm, there is a large selection of clothing stores. From the small shop to the well-known clothing chains. Here you can guide yourself to clothing stores in Stockholm that suit your needs. Below you will find some well-known clothing stores in Stockholm.

Zara kläder i Stockholm


The first Zara store opened in 1975 in Spain. Today, there are stores all over the world. Fashion for women, men and children. You will find the usual basic garments such as trousers, sweaters, jackets, etc. Most stores are located around Stockholm.

Address: Hamngatan 8, Drottninggatan 68, etc

Gina Tricot klädkedja i Stockholm

Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot has most stores in Stockholm. Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain and was founded in 1997. Today they are found in several different countries in Europe. The focus is a feminine fashion.

Address: Götgatan 30, Sergelgatan 20

Gerd Inez Boutique i Gamla Stan Stockholm

Gerd Inez Boutique

The family business that has been around for over 40 years. Focus on specially designed jackets with lovely colors and patterns. They also sell other brands such as Kauni, Dream, Linnerud etc.

Address: Västerlånggatan 70, (Old Town). Picture: Gerd Inez

Zara kläder i Stockholm

Keetch Clothing

Unique design from Switzerland. Made in Switzerland. Selling clothes to both him and her. Many sweaters with cheeky prints..

Address: Lilla Nygatan 19, (Old Town)

Weekday Stockholm kläder


Weekday is Scandinavian design since 2002. Here you will find Jeans and clothes. Trendy brand. They are found today in several countries.

Address: Drottninggatan 65.

Monki kläder Stockholm


Monki started in 2006. Monki sells clothes for girls. Here you can buy jeans, design clothes from various famous designers such as Lady Soul, Poodle etc. Good basic garments and trendy clothes.

Address: Götgatan 19 & 78 (Skrapan), Kungsgatan 52

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