Stockholm Christmas Tours 2022

Book a nice Christmas Tour in the archipelago.

Christmas Tours in Stockholm.

Join a boat trip in the archipelago and enjoy Christmas dinner!
Cozy this Christmas and book a Christmas in the Stockholm archipelago. Unfortunately, some tours are canceled this year due to covid-19. Enjoy the good herring, cold dishes and hot dishes and finally, the dessert. Outside the window it is cold and you can enjoy being inside in the heat. We offer tickets through our cooperation with Strömma.

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Brunch Cruise during Christmas

Christmas cozy with brunch with Strömma

Strömma | March 5 - Dec 31, 2022
Brunch is so cozy. Book a brunch on a Saturday or Sunday. At 12.00 the tour departs. S / S Stockholm sails from Strandvägen on a brunch trip for 3 hours in the Stockholm archipelago. The menu will be with influence from Christmas food in December. From January, it will be regular brunch again with everything from classic dishes such as herring, Jansson's frestele and meatballs to fresh salads, cold cuts, cheeses and vegan dishes. After you have eaten well, do not forget to leave some space for their good dessert table.

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Christmas dining cruises in Stockholm archipelago

Classic Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner. You are served a classic Christmas table with meatballs, prince sausages, Christmas sausages, Jansson's temptation, Christmas sweets, Christmas beer and of course more goodies..

Seson: Nov 24 - Dec 24, 2022
Time: 2,3 hours

Book New Years Eve Cruise in Stockholm 2021

New Year Cruise

Do you have no one to celebrate New Year with or do you have nothing planned yet. Go with Strömma on a New Year's cruise. S / S Stockholm and M / S Gustafsberg VII serve fantastic New Year's menus. The evening begins with a glass of champagne and at twelve o'clock you stand on the first floor of the 12-stroke fireworks over the city.

Season: Dec 31, 2022 - Jan 1, 2023
Time: 5 hours

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