SkyView in Stockholm

Ride the glass gondola outside the Avicii Arena.

Ride 130 meters up to the Avicii Arena with SkyView and look out over Stockholm!

If you haven't gone by SkyView yet, it's high time to try it! Step aboard a glass gondola that takes you up along the facade of the Avicii Arena (formerly the Globe). It is a nice feeling to ride in the gondola and look out over the city of Stockholm.

A ride with SkyView is suitable for young and old. You ride up to the top of Avicii Arena at an altitude of about 130 meters and there you can look out over the city of Stockholm. The gondola has large glass windows where you can easily look out over Stockholm. We have to say that even if you have a fear of heights, it's fine to go with SkyView. (One of us has a fear of heights)

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Boka en tur med skyview i Stockholm

Go by Skyview in Stockholm

Ride the gondola up to the top of the Avicii Arena

Look out over Stockholm as you slowly travel in a gondola along a rail on the outside of Avicii Arena. The gondola takes you to the top of the arena. During the tour and at the top, you get a nice view of Stockholm. Inside the gondola there is information about what you see in different directions. The gondolas are built by ski lift manufacturers in Östersund and there is no similar facility anywhere in the world. The tour is suitable for children and adults.

Don't forget the camera!

Season: All year
Time: 25 minutes

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