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Pleasant ways to discover Stockholm

Discover Stockholm in many different ways via various activities.

In Stockholm there are many different activities to do, how about going on a boat and dinner cruise in the archipelago, going on a pizza cruise in the Stockholm archipelago, going on a city tour, going on a bus tour, going on city walks and much much more.

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Stockholm experiences

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Boat trips in the Stockholm archipelago

Boat trips in the Stockholm archipelago

Don't miss going on a boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago. There are several different boat trips you can take.

See boat tours in Stockholm

Food cruise in Stockholm

Food Cruises

Have a brunch or a good dinner while cruising in Stockholm's archipelago.

See food cruises

Pizza cruise in the Stockholm archipelago

Pizza Cruise

Go on a boat trip in the Stockholm archipelago and taste a good freshly baked pizza.

More about Pizza Cruise

Ride an amphibious bus in Stockholm

Amphibious Bus

Go on a bus/boat tour with the amphibious bus in Stockholm. Ride both on land and water.

More about Amphibious Bus in Stockholm

Bius tours in Stockholm

Bus tours

Discover Stockholm by bus. See famous sights from the window.

More about bus tours in Stockholm

City Walk in Stockholm

City walks

Stroll through Gamla Stan and experience historic Stockholm.

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Boat trip to to the Archipelago City Vaxholm

Archipelago City Vaxholm

Boat Tour to the Archipelago City Vaxholm!

See Vaxholm Castle's boat tours

Boat to different castles in Stockholm

Castle tours

Visit a castle via boat to, for example, Gripsholm Castle.

More about Gripsholm Castle

Boat to Birka in Stockholm

Boat to Birka

Take a boat trip to the old Viking village of Birka on Björkö in Mälaren.

More about Birka

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