Stockholm Skavsta Airport

Please pre-book your transfer to Skavsta Airport

We recommend transfers to and from Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO)

When you land and have to get from or to Stockholm Skavsta Airport, it is good to book transport. It is very nice and makes it easier to have everything fixed before your trip. Stockholm Skavsta Airport is located near Nyköping, 100 km southwest of Stockholm.

You save time and you can concentrate on other things than your transportation. The cheapest way to get from the airport to Stockholm is by bus. You can also take a train from Nyköping Central Station, which is 7 km from the airport. By taxi or local bus (no. 515) you can easily get to / from the train station. If you like to get directly to your hotel or home, taxi (private transfer) is a good option when you come door-to-door. For those of you who want to get around on your own, a rental car is also an option. We work with Vy Flygbussarna, Omio and Viator.

On 23 September 1984, the airport was inaugurated as a civilian airport under the auspices of the municipality of Nyköping, having in previous years been Sweden's largest air flotilla. In 1991, the name of the airport was changed to Stockholm Skavsta Airport. Low cost airlines operate at the airport.

Transfer by Bus between Skavsta Airport and Stockholm

Bus transfer from Skavsta airport to Stockholm
Skavsta - Stockholm Transport

Bus Transfer

Stockholm Skavsta Airport - Stockholm City Terminal

Departures adapted to the timetable according to the departure and arrival times of the flights. .
By bus from Stockholm Skavsta Airport, you get an easy transport to Stockholm City Terminal or to Norrköping & Linköping. Travel with the bus company Vy Flygbussarna from Stockholm / Norrköping / Linköping to Skavsta airport. The journey takes about 80 minutes from Stockholm City Terminal.

Price: You pay for a seat on the bus.
Where can I find the bus: Skavsta.

Search and book a bus ticket Stockholm Skavsta Airport - Stockholm

If you do not wish to book a return trip, do not select a date in the field "Add Return Trip"

Transfer by taxi / private car

Privat Van from Skavsta Airport
Private transfer from the Airport

Private transfer up to 8 people (minimum 2 people)

From Skavsta Airport to your hotel or private address

Departs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
Here you go with a large VAN with up to 8 people. A good alternative if you are a small larger group who want to go from Skavsta. The car picks you up at Skavsta Airport for transport to Stockholm. To your private address or to your hotel.

Price: You pay per person.
Where can I find the car: Meets you with a sign in the arrival hall.

Lyxbil från Skavsta flygpplats in till Stockholm
Skavsta - Stockholm Transport

Stockholm Privat Transfer from Skavsta Airport (NYO) to City Centre or the Harbour

Skavsta Airport - Stockholm

Departs 7 days a week
With a private transport where you pay by car. Up to 7 people in the car. Sit back calmly during your journey to Skavsta. The transport drops you off at your private address or a hotel in Stockholm. Max 7 people in the car.

Price: You pay per car (max 7 people)
Where can I find the car: the arrival hall with a sign.

As at all airports, if people come to you inside the terminal and offer you transport, DO NOT go with them. You do not know who offers your transport to Stockholm. If you have not booked your transfer already at home, go to the Information at the airport to ask about transport.
We reserve the right to ev. changes to content and rules applicable above airport transfers. Always be sure to read on resp. website for latest information and what is included in your booking. We work with Omio and Viator to book transfers.
Map - Stockholm Skavsta Airport