Museum of Wrecks Stockholm

Mythical wrecks in the Baltic Sea

The wrecks on the bottom of the Baltic Sea come to life on the surface!

The Museum of Wrecks (VRAK) is a fascinating museum in Stockholm that is dedicated to showcasing maritime history, particularly focusing on shipwrecks and their stories.

The Museum of Wrecks shows several shipwrecks in the Baltic Sea and it is fascinating to experience up close objects that have been buried at the bottom of the sea for hundreds of years. The Baltic Sea is a place in the world where the majority of shipwrecks are preserved, and new ones are actually being discovered all the time. The museum is located in the beautiful Royal Djurgården in Stockholm. It is not real ships that have been salvaged that you will see in the museum, but filmed and created to get a feeling of the ships lying at the bottom of the sea.

At the museum, you can follow the ship's history through multimedia, stand lighting and interactive exhibitions. In addition to the oceans, you can watch underwater films and examine the traces that have also been left in Sweden's lakes and waterways. On the second floor you can see marine archaeological research from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Estonia and Finland. The Museum of Wrecks is a sister museum to the Vasa Museum. Feel what it was like to sail on a 17th century ship and see finds that are 10,000 years old. Bring the whole family and travel below the surface of the sea where you will have ships and other things passing over your head.

The Museum of Wrecks

The Museum of Wrecks located on Djurgården in Stockholm. Around are more sights such as Skansen, Gröna Lund, The Royal Ship Vasa, och the ABBA Museum. The Museum of Wrecks is located between the Vasa Museum and Gröna Lund.

VRAK – Museum of Wrecks is located in a former boathouse on the Galärvarv area. Wrecks are included in the State's maritime and transport history museums, as is the Vasa museum. You will find the museum in an old boathouse designed by the architect Paul Hedqvist in 1941. Fahlander Arkitekter has subsequently adapted the appearance of the building to today's museum. The museum was inaugurated in September 2021 with a speech by H.M. The King.

What you can see at the Wreck Museum
You will not see real wrecks at the museum, but you will travel to the bottom of the sea with the help of films, holograms and VR solutions. The marine archaeologists' films on the bottom of the sea, which are then displayed in 3D format at the museum. In addition to the many different wrecks on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, you can also see wreck stories from Denmark and about one of the Hanseatic ships that sank near Wismar in the 14th century. the Dutch two-masted Vrouw Maria which was wrecked in 1771 in the Finnish archipelago.

Another department specializes in the work of marine archaeologists, on 3D cameras and underwater robots. Also how to age bone and wood.

Why are there so many ships in the Baltic Sea?
This is because the Baltic Sea is brackish water and the shipworm does not thrive there. In addition, the bottom is very low in oxygen and they prevent the decomposition of the material that lies on the bottom of the sea.

Expensive to salvage ships
It is a very large and expensive process to salvage things from the bottom of the sea. Actually, you don't salvage if it's not scientifically justified. Hence, much remains in both lakes and seas.

The Viking Museum
Address: Djurgårdsvägen 48, 115 21 Stockholm

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Watch film about the start-up of The Wreck Museum

The Wreck Museum in Stockholm at Djurgården
Please watch the film about how the ideas for the museum the Wreck Museum started.

Map - Museum of Wrecks